Asus Raidr — Performance Over Time

I won’t do a write-up about this at the moment. I only wanted to show these two comparisons which will indicate the performance over time for the Asus Raidr

The screenshot below shows a brand new installation of the Asus Raidr, dated August 05 2014:

Now we jump to late November 2014, with the NAND filled with some data and used extensively on a daily basis:


Jump ahead even further to present time. This screenshot is taken today on August 17 2015:


As we can tell, the NAND is now utilized to over 70% and the performance over time hasn’t significantly decreased in any of the tests. This is hardly a scientific test, but more for personal reference.

UPDATE: Sat Jan 2 21:24:29 CET 2016

This is after I migrated my Windows workstation to Linux.


I will collect more results during the next three months or so.

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