BuyVM: Legacy OpenVZ service

This is a quick and dirty benchmark of my legacy OpenVZ service which I have with BuyVM. The company have more or less completely phased out OpenVZ from their product line and this particular service is the last I have — all other services have now been migrated to their far more superior KVM “slices” of which I have been very impressed with.

This particular server is acting as a Tor exit relay. It is located in Luxembourg (Roost).

As for some rudimentary results, below are the data using my tool

Colormedia Benchmark 0.1/a (forked by k0nsl)
Website  :
Contact  : #k0nsl

General Information 

CPU :  Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2650 v2 @ 2.60GHz
CPU Cores :  1
CPU frequency per core :  2599.998 MHz
Memory : 512 MB
Swap Space :  MB
Uptime : 1 days, 1 hours, 53 minutes
Kernel : 4.15.0

Network Benchmark 

Download Speed:  BuyVM (US): 236KB/s 
Download Speed:  DigitalOcean (US): 7.93MB/s 
Download Speed:  RamNode (US): 22.2MB/s 
Download Speed:  Incero (US): 174KB/s 
Download Speed:  Dacentec (USA): 21.9MB/s 
Download Speed:  HostHatch (EU): 40.2MB/s 
Download Speed:  DigitalOcean (EU): 64.7MB/s 
Download Speed:  RamNode (EU): 61.9MB/s 
Download Speed:  BuyVM (EU): 82.1MB/s 
Download Speed:  YourServer (EU): 38.5MB/s 

Disk Benchmark

I/O Performance [1]:  70.5 MB/s
I/O Performance [2]:  55.6 MB/s
I/O Performance [3]:  47.6 MB/s

CPU Benchmark

real	0m22.699s
user	0m14.514s
sys	0m0.092s

I might update this post before the end of 2020, or shortly before I make the move to have this converted into a KVM-based service. But for now, this will do fine.

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